The Auction form of marketing has its roots in the criers of Rome.  Why? Because it works, sell at your own pace call today!


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We run our Auction Corporation like a family business. We enjoy the many relationships we have with customers all over the USA.   Let us show you how the auction method can work for you!  Call Bill Loomis at 260.437.1540 and we will be back to you the next day.  As appraisers we can give you an independent opinion of value that can save you thousands.  Let us assist you today!

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We answer the phone personally!  If we are on another call we WILL be back to you within 1 business day!

Two Generations of Auctioneers Bill Loomis is joined by Christin Loomis as well as occasionally by Will Loomis creative designer and owner of

To provide excellent personal service and a quality product.  We strive to be fair and balanced in all of our sales.  We offer a great service at a fair price..

Classic Boats, summer getaways, memories are brought to life by true artists who bring classic items back to life.  We celebrate all that is classic!

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